The Hiatus

Hello No Longer Barren!  It’s been a couple of weeks or more since I last posted here.  We had death in the family, my mother-in-law as well as my sister-in-law passed away.  I’m going to truly miss them both.  I’m keeping a close eye on my husband and continuing to pray. No matter what, God is still God & He’s still good!

In the mist of the hiatus, I was so excited to return & see a comment posted here by a No Longer Barren who had been barren for 13 years, then conceived & gave birth. That is exactly the type of testimonials I would love to see more posted here. Also more posts from the women still waiting in FAITH. These are the real life stories that help keep us encouraged.


I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!


Music is on EVERY post because God is telling you to Sing O’Barren as it says in Isaiah 54. If you want an in depth understanding of what happens in the spiritual realm when you sing, I encourage you to read Sing O’Barren by Sarah Morgan (an image of this book is on the “Books” page). The word of God is so alive in this book, and God spoke to me so clearly as I read. If I could get EVERY woman this book…I would. But here’s a brief account of what happens in the spiritual realm as you sing.

The barren woman is silent, but in Isaiah 54, God is saying SING & something is going to happen. He says BREAK FORTH & CRY ALOUD…break your silence, No Longer Barren, and obey God. Don’t just sing in your head…open your mouth, break forth & cry aloud! When you do, you become:

  1. Enlarged: the Christ in you gets bigger & your capacity to accommodate more is increased. God can give you more when you make room for more.                                                                                  (Example: God enlarged me to birth this website/BLOG, to birth vision, to address the barren WORLDWIDE).
  2. Stretching: Your faith will be stretched. You are going to do things you thought you’d never be able to do because God is going to stretch your faith.                                                                                         (Example: I’m professing that I will be giving birth from a 9-yr empty womb).
  3. Boldness: A spirit of boldness will come upon you; a baptism of boldness (Acts 4:31).                                                                                  (Example: I have to be pretty BOLD to break the silence that was covering my shame & defeat, and begin to confess that I shall give birth; He had to baptize me in boldness…there’s no other logic to it, it’s Spiritual).
  4. Lengthening & 5. Strengthening: In the midst of this there is a twofold promise…Present & Future.                                               (Example: before I read this book, I had a dream of a beast with 2-heads & one of the heads EXPLODED. God gave me interpretation of this dream & it matches what she speaks about here).                     A.  The Present promise is released & activated immediately when we sing. When you sing, you are going to EXPLODE, enlarge, both spiritually & numerically.                                                                                           B.  The Future promise is God promising that when you sing, your seed & lineage shall inherit the nations & inhabit the desolate cities.

Remain silent at your own RISK.  As for me…I SING EVERY DAY…ALL DAY!  And His word is not returning to me void.  Try Him, prove Him…what do you have to lose?  What do you have to gain…besides an OPEN WOMB?  Sing O’Barren!!!


 I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!

What is the Anointing?

The author at said he asked this to the Lord & the Lord responded, “The anointing is simply this: It is My signature, My John Hancock, My seal or stamp of approval. I basically sign off on or endorse what ever you are doing. I empower your natural with My supernatural, causing everything to work smoothly with out striving. Sometimes that means breaking through and removing walls and barriers that hinder. Sometimes what is required is wisdom for trouble shooting or executing a task. At other times bringing together resources and people for a purpose. This is what is meant by the “Oil of My Spirit” oil is slick, it lubricates. Causing that which is stuck or hard to become loose and move freely. Things that could not be accomplished before are now made possible because of the anointing!”

This blessed me tremendously & catapulted me right into WORSHIP. So how does this relate to you & me, No Longer Barren? God has given me His ANOINTING, His signature, seal of approval & endorsement to address barrenness. He has SUPERNATURALLY empowered me to go forward, causing everything to work smoothly. He broke down my walls of shame & defeat that were hindering me from speaking openly & baptized me with the spirit of BOLDNESS. I had no idea how to build a website & no resources to fund it, but God…as I sat at my computer in only a day…brought forth wisdom & resources for a purpose & was born. He LOOSED & made free what was stuck & hard. He took what seemed impossible to accomplish & made it possible because of the ANOINTING! Now you & I can be partakers of something so great & SPIRITUAL.Anointing4


I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!

Seed of Doubt

I use to wrestle with & incubate the SEED OF DOUBT.  I didn’t want to, I didn’t try to…I just did, naturally.  This was a problem for the prayers I was sending up.  I was praying with no FAITH, not acknowledging that God is able.  How was this affecting my season of conception?  I believe God decided to make me aware when a woman of God spoke to me and said, “God said do not doubt Him again…it is your season”.  I tried to root it out, but my empty womb, at that time, was screaming LOUD at me.  Since then, God has spoken up again, this time He spoke directly to me.  Now I know that I am going to give birth to a daughter, no more doubt, no more believing…I KNOW!

I know, NO LONGER BARREN, that it seems strange and scary to profess these things while the womb is still empty, but in my encounters with the ALMIGHTY, I AM No Longer Barren because He changed my name, made me a promise, & blessed me.  And I’m not going to wait until the blessing manifests…I’m going to shout NOW, in advance, praise Him NOW…because it is so!  Uproot & cast down your seed of doubt. Then replace it with God’s word which shall build FAITH.

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I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!