A Short Delay!

Hello NoLongerBarren!

I didn’t post this week (and may not post until late next week) because my computer is down.  I am in the process of purchasing a new computer…so please be patient with me & I will be back & posting in no time.  I miss posting & ministering to myself as I write what God inspires within me…and I definitely miss sharing with you as you walk with me on this journey.  So let’s continue to pray together & I hope to be back with you shortly.

Be blessed!!!

Is God’s Will Worth the Wait to You? (Part 6)

There were some of us who were NOT walking in ABANDONED WORSHIP.  There were some of us who have poured out our WORSHIP, but revisited the past.  If you want your breakthrough…you must grasp this or chase after Him until it is revealed what you are to do.  God says, BOW DOWN your mind to Christ, BOW DOWN your will, your habits, your secrets, your children, your heart attitude…whatever you exalt higher than God…BOW DOWN your…

Check YOUR worship attitude, No Longer Barren, YOUR heart attitude.  God has taken His time with me…showed me how I worshipped Him & where I held back, UNINTENTIONALLY.  My intentions were pure, but I STILL fell short.  Just like Uzzah who touched the Ark of the Covenant…his intentions were good, but God struck him dead for his error (2Samuel 6; 1Chronicles 13; www.gotquestions.org/Uzzah.html).  I didn’t even know I was holding back…I came to Him as pure as I knew how…but my subconscious, my secret places, things that I had placed WORTH & VALUE in…I kept back & didn’t present them in WORSHIP.  But He said surrender ALL, ALL, ALL!!!  Glory, Halellujah!  Check your WORSHIP ATTITUDE…What are you hiding…even from yourself…and don’t realize it?  Seems innocent enough that you wouldn’t be blamed for this, right?  Please study out the story of Uzzah & the Ark of the Covenant & any reference scripture/study that explains good intentions/bad results (Like Moses striking the rock, Numbers 20).  But if you never position yourself to enter into His presence with the right HEART ATTITUDE…you cannot receive His CORRECTION & you cannot receive TRUTH!

Even as I am writing this, I am repenting to the Lord again…because He showed me-me, again.  I have felt & revisited the feeling that it is my responsibility to save the integrity of God…that our almighty God needs my assistance.  I have presumed that without my help, somehow God’s presence, power & holiness could be undermined, weakened & not taken seriously.  I thought I was doing God a favor by negating & combating every act of “playing with God” & worldliness in the church & things that weaken the reputation of the true worshippers…SEE MY GOOD INTENTIONS?  But, does ALL Powerful, ALL Knowing, Savior of the world, He’s God all by Himself…need me?  Job asks, “Can you fathom the mysteries of God?”…I can’t.  David says, “His greatness is unsearchable.”…I cannot find it.  The book of Isaiah states, “His understanding, no one can fathom.”…I can’t comprehend it.  So…it is written that…He does NOT need my help.  Please forgive me, Lord.

Our God IS loving & merciful…but that’s not all that He is…He is also Holy.  And sometimes offenses to His holiness brings about His holy wrath (Hebrews 10:30-31).  Moses lost his right to enter the Promised Land because he felt his intervention was needed.  I believe I best get this right, before payment for error comes due.  How do I get it right?  My heart attitude must be REVERENT toward Him!  This will lead me to listen carefully to what God has to say…and in OBEDIENCE…strive to do ALL that He commands.  Then my spirit-man is free to worship Him & I can worship Him as He desires…in spirit & in truth.  And I can truly pour out ALL that I have at the feet of Jesus.  There is NO just getting past this…IT’S AN ONGOING PROCESS…ongoing worship.

***Failing to follow God’s precise instructions could be seen as (a) not revering God’s words when He speaks them through those whom He has appointed; (b) having an independent attitude that might border on rebellion, for example, seeing and acting on things from a worldly, rather than a spiritual, perspective; or (c) disobedience.  Are there times when we fail to recognize the holiness of God, becoming too familiar with Him with an irreverent attitude?  In truth, the more we try to bring God down to our worldly way of thinking or reasoning, the further away He will seem to us. Those who would draw near to God and have Him draw near to them are those who approach Him in reverence and holy fear.  Uzzah forgot that lesson, and the consequences were tragic.(www.gotquestions.org/Uzzah.html#ixzz2zXfb2MVf)***.


I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!