A few weeks ago, I had a very, very rough start of the day.  I was very sad & my heart very tender.  I got it together enough to go on to church.  As soon as I got there, someone said something just off enough to make a tender heart hurt again.  Well, I’m glad we had a crying in the Lord type service…because I got to cry it out while everyone else was crying.  It wasn’t so important for me to hide my feelings…as it was hard to keep explaining the matter as one after another keeps asking what’s wrong.  And every time you try to explain, you burst into tears….yes I was that tender!

But when the choir got up to sing, one of the praise leaders said, “…it was by faith that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob received the promise…” Instantly, I reached up & grabbed that word!  This had nothing to do with my issue that morning, but I was encouraged anyway.  I got into worship service & enjoyed my Sunday.  I was able to release from being tender & offended and moved on to enjoy the Lord!

Why do I want to share this with you, NoLongerBarren?  Because it is by FAITH that we ALL receive the promise.


I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!

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