Giver of Good Gifts!

When I first started this site, I had recently had the vision of the promise of birthing a baby girl.  I was instructed that she would be good and what to name her.  At the time, I thought that one day…I was just going to wake up pregnant.  And, in my mind, it was just that simple.  I never thought that this thing would be a whole process.  I never imagined that God would do a great work while He’s walking me through this journey.  It never dawned on me, at first, that this was about His glory.  I simply thought that I was finally getting what I’ve desired for so long.  How naive was I…leaning unto my own understanding.

I don’t know all that God knows, of course, but what He has shared with me along the way…I am thankful for the process.  Yes, it would have been lovely to awake one morning to find out that we have conceived.  But as for my spirit man, this very promise & process has helped me grow in FAITH, LOVE, PRAYER, WORSHIP, PATIENCE

Had it happened my way, maybe I would be full of joy, yet unchanged in some very critical areas.  So for that, I have to tell God THANK YOU!  Thank You for being ALL-knowing & ALL-powerful.  Thank you for not just giving us what we want, but being a good Father who knows how to give good gifts (Matthew 7:11).  Thank you for your…AMAZING GRACE.


I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!

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