Be Anxious For Nothing…

Hello NoLongerBarren.  I had a wonderful holiday season spent with immediate family. While visiting my brother in Atlanta, as always, I spent so much time bonding with my 1-yr old niece, Skylar. I combed her hair, held her, fed her, bathed & dressed her. Of course, feeling all warm-hearted & fuzzy inside, I began to think on my promised child. Imagining going through these same motions when she gets here…wondering about her temperament, her look, when will this time finally come… Also imagining how our lives will be changed, how we travel, time spent getting dressed, running errands, and on and on and on. Yes, I have a detailed, busy mind sometimes.

My 1st Sunday back at church, the lady, who God seems to continually speak to about me concerning this promise, she approached me with instructions from God. As she hugged me I embraced her back and she began to whisper in my ear, “…the Lord spoke to me concerning you this morning, and He told me to tell you…Be anxious for nothing“. She said, “That’s all I heard, He said…Be anxious for nothing…“.

Wow, I thought.  Instructions from the Lord again…I love it!  Maybe I have been in error, maybe I was anxious in my heart while loving on my niece.  Whatever it was, and I’m still searching it ALL out thoroughly, the Lord sent a message to let me know that He is thinking of me…and I remembered how much He loves me, SELAH. Psalm 139 Oh Lord, though hast searched me, and known me…

I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!

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