There were times when I longed for someone to talk to who could identify with what I was going through.  Being barren sometimes feels shameful, inadequate, empty…feelings that we typically keep to ourselves in an effort to seem fine about it.  But so often, I was not fine about it.  I’ve had peaks & valleys in this journey, but the valleys & the effects of it used to seem more real & to last longer.  After 8 years married and no pregnancy, MY ISSUE WAS OUT IN THE OPEN.  Why didn’t anyone close by & tangible who’s dealt with this before me, especially those who conceived after barrenness, grab me by the hand and say, “I went through this too & here’s what got me through…”

Next thing I know, I found out there was another woman, close by, who had been as quiet about being barren as I was.  Then there was another & another.  Then some surfaced in the family, on both sides, again as quiet as I had been.  As I gained strength and encouragement through reading about the barren women in scripture and how their wombs were opened, I slowly realized that I am that “anyone” who will grab others by the hand and say, “I’m going through this too & here’s what’s getting me through…”  I know there are books out there that are a GREAT HELP, but I still had to read them by myself.  So let’s establish some LIVE VOICES to correspond back & forth as our wombs are opened.

I choose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I choose this because of the Voice of Truth!

Calling ALL Barren Women!!!

I started this blog as I began to notice that many women that I’ve come in contact with, of child bearing age, have had a hard time conceiving or they are barren.  This baffled me to think that we are possibly dealing with something more symptomatic than we care to admit.  Recently, I came across some very encouraging news, sources, & information…better than what the doctors have offered thus far.  I want to share and discuss this info further, but would like to wait until I have some correspondence & viewing of this information.  Let’s just say that I was faced with the choice to give up hope or to keep believing…

I chose to believe that I am going to bear a child from my own eggs, womb & husband, and I chose this because of the Voice of Truth!

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Barren Wombs Opened…